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Monday, October 13, 2014

Lamley News: The Hot Wheels Toyota Supra will join a Mustang, Corvette, and Challenger as Kmart exclusives on November 8th...

We were wondering when this model would appear...

A month ago this recolored Hot Wheels Toyota Supra appeared on ebay (from the seller that somehow gets them all), and we jumped on it in order to showcase it here.

We figured this would be a standard recolor of the Falken Supra that was released earlier this year, but we started having our doubts as 2015 Batch A was released, with no fresh 2014 recolors.  Of course we didn't think about the obvious possibility that it could be a Kday car.

And it is.  Good news if there is a Kmart close.  Bad news if there is not.  Well, bad news at least if you don't live in the US, since anyone here can order Kmart cases online.

So Supra fans, clear your calendars on November 8th, because that is the only day you can get this one.  It should be in every case, most likely as a pair, so there should not be a problem getting one, as long as you are at the event.

And what are the other exclusive cars?  These:

'07 Ford Mustang

'64 Corvette Sting Ray

Dodge Challenger Drift Car

That makes for a nice group.

As far as other details, we don't know, although we assume it will contain 2015 B Case cars, meaning the Rrroadster will be the Super TH to look for.

Who's going?


  1. How do Kmart days normally work? Is it only in the morning and by the afternoon all the good stuff is gone? Is the Supra only available that day?

    1. Probably easier to google all the details, but usually within the first hour all the exclusives are grabbed up by the middle aged white guys :)

    2. This video explains it pretty well.

    3. Thanks Mike, ill check out the video when I get home. I Google everything and found only scattered information without specific details.

  2. another re tool casting.. dodge challenger drift with METAL wing
    damn all cars with plastic wings will re tooled to metal wings that become part of the body.. and means R32 will get re tooled SOON if re appear in 2015 mainline
    weird cost cutting

  3. so is the yellow mustang is a 2015 model since the # don't match 2014 ?

  4. Where's the orange morris mini? If it isn't in the Kday case, what case is it in?

    1. It's in the C case so may be one of the first to market cars?