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Thursday, November 13, 2014

From the Lamley Tomica Limited Vintage Collection: Nissan 3.5t Coca-Cola Truck...

We are car guys.  Our readers are too.  But there is something that Tomica Limited Vintage does to the minicar collector.  They make you start thinking about trucks.  It starts with, "Well, I have this awesome TLV Datsun 510, and it seems that a flat bed truck would be cool to sit it on.  I will get that as a nice accessory to my awesome 510 collection."  

Soon, it becomes, "Time to box up the 510 collection so I can make room for all these trucks."

As great as the TLV cars are, and they are fantastic, the trucks are truly (bloggy superlative alert) mind-boggling.  So it's all about the trucks, and we plan on showing a few.  We even have the other Hino Transporter coming.  Happy Joy.

So let's take a wonderfully detailed TLV truck, mix in an iconic brand (red and white, makes soda), and then show it off.  TLV pairing with Coca-Cola has produced some fantastic models, including several trucks, a Skyline Van, and yes, the Bluebird Super Silhouettes:

It's the Nissan 3.5t, complete with a driver, cart, and a load of bottles to deliver. As cool a model as TLV has done.

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-92a Nissan 3.5t Delivery Truck:

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  1. If I could keep just ten castings from my collection, Coke Nissan Diesel truck would be one of them. Very thoughtful execution with those tiny crates of Coke bottles!