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Monday, November 24, 2014

It's the batch we've been waiting for: Matchbox Batch N, with the Foxbody Mustang Police, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Chevy Silverado, is now out at Wheel Collectors...


The Matchbox team hinted back in July that the final two batches in 2014 would produce some gems, and here is batch #1.

Our friends at Wheel Collectors contacted us late Monday to let us know that Matchbox 2014 Batch N has arrived, and that includes the brand new 1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP Police, the also brand new Chevy Silverado 1500, but the "Lamley-inspired" Toyota Land Cruiser as well.  (More on what that means in a few days.)

You can see the entire batch here:

Matchbox 2014 Batch N

We were able to preview the Mustang and Silverado at the Matchbox Gathering in July, and they are both fantastic.  The Mustang, in fact, might be one of the best models we have seen from Matchbox in some time.  It promises to be VERY popular.

And that Land Cruiser?  Yummy, especially with the vintage Toyota racing stripe on the side.

So go check all the models out, and grab one or all three of these popular models, and even better, pair them with some Lamley Holiday Sale stuff as well.  Have fun!


  1. Cant wait to find that Mustang....

  2. "The Mustang, in fact, might be one of the best models we have seen from Matchbox in some time. It promises to be VERY popular."

    In the US maybe..............not in Europe (unless you are diehard)

    I suspect that there are few that are over excited - but this does not strike me as 'must have's - they are good models, but by no means great.

    And when does Europe get these? 2016??

  3. This is just advertising for Wheel Collectors.

    The price of $13 shipped for each of them is ridiculous. I can buy a 9-pack with a few other models on my list, and the Silverado, Mustang, and for only a dollar more, the FJ40.

    1. I agree. A lot of these blogs are mostly advertisements to excite the collectors into overpaying and driving up the prices even higher.

    2. So? There's plenty of great content on this site, so the occassional partnership to a reseller isn't that bad. If you're not a fan of paying up to get a certain model as soon as it's available, don't. I like a couple of these models, and I'm glad to know they're out on the pegs so I can look for them. And if I want something that can't be found on the pegs any longer, I'll go check out wheel collectors, and some other sellers.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The same seller has started an auction for the Mustang SSP at $0.01. Sounds fair to me.