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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More 2015 Hot Wheels Batch D models are emerging...

Looks like Hot Wheels Batch D is making its way to the pegs in some overseas markets, and these photos have emerged of some of the models to look for:

Some interesting models for sure.  The non-Super Ferrari looks great, the 911 not so much, the Austin is interesting, and the BMW the best version yet.  We think.  We will wait until we have them in hand.  Looking at the way distribution has been going, look for Batch C and D to hit within a few weeks of each other right in time for the holidays...


  1. The wheels of the Porsche are new? They look kinda strange for me.

    1. No they are not new. Black PR5s with yellow lips. Nothing strange here.

  2. How to destroy a nice model such as Mini van? - Learn from Hot Wheels.
    And how does any Batman/boy/person get into that thing?
    Rest are looking cool.

  3. BMW M3, Ferrari 599, Lotus Esprit and Porsche are the ones I'm most interested in! Please do a first look on them soon! I must've said that about 300 times now.