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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Season's Greetings from the Lamley Group...

May your holidays be spent with friends and family, and not reading a blog about toy cars...

From the entire crew at the Lamley Group:

jtl, DT, Matt, Matt, Akiyo, Mary, Alpha, Janie, Tami, Chad, Brian, Cannon, Caroline, Joe, Greg, Troy, Doug, Melvin, Derek, Ben, Eric, Jeff, Jay, Roy, Jim, Vicki, Shawn, R, M, J, D, Mark, James, Paul, Dave, Felix, Colin, Jason, Gary, Jane, Chris, Mike, Shintaro, Andrew, Sammy, Larry, Nigel, Darren, Merlin, Omar, Ace, Nic, and that one guy who doesn't know how influential he was.

By the way, Santa dropped off a little sneak peek:


  1. Awesome. Merry Christmas to you too guys!

  2. wow that is one ugly color combo and tampo combo. This will most likely be custom donner for most people. of all the colors and possibilities they came up with this? I guess the designers of the model and the people who decide on livery must be different people.