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Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Look: The Honda S2K, VW Fastback, Ford GT, and the rest of Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch K...

Best batch of Cool Classics so far?

By a mile.  Only it will be passed when the next batch comes out, with its 240Z, 510, and BRAT.  And that is why there is renewed interest in this series.  The 510 tends to do that.

But back to Batch K.  The Cool Classics still don't strike my fancy as a series, but the choices of castings in this case got my attention.  The paint and deco?  Meh.  The fact that there is a Ford GT, 69 Mustang Boss 302, and an S2K make it interesting though.  That VW Fastback ain't too shabby either.

So this batch should be popular, and we still don't know if we will see it in stores.  We assume we will, but if history is any indication, it could be in small numbers.  We will wait and see.

In the meantime, enjoy the pics, and know that you can get all of these at Wheel Collectors.


Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch K:

Honda S2000

VW Fastback

'84 Hurst Olds

Ford GT

'69 Ford Mustang Boss 302


  1. You know as well as anyone on HWC how much I enjoyed the Cool Classics line. This mix is no exception. The Boss 302 is perfect, the VW is always a good choice, the Ford GT has a first time color, the S2000 has a metal base for the first time, and the Hurst Olds is just a neat casting (though poor color choice here, IMO).

    I will have my case in a bit over a month, as it will be shipped with the L mix that is yet to come.

    Overall, while the series was rather slow to start, it has been a very good, underrated series.

  2. I have seen these at two different Walmart stores now...

    1. This is the second time I saw this mentioned. This is good news!

    2. FWIW, I picked up a set at a Walmart last night. (SW OH)

  3. i'm getting these at Target for a dollar less than at Wal-Mart, so I usually hang on 'til I see them there... I have quite a few, which I love

  4. Surprisingly, they were all at my walmart this week. We usually get things at least a month after they're been spotted here on lamley.

  5. I can't see spending $5 on these without painted taillights/headlights or rubber wheels.