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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Surprise! Greenlight Muscle Series 10, 2014 Hot Wheels Factory Set Models have all arrived at Wheel Collectors...

Just got the word from Matt at Wheel Collectors that new stuff has arrived, and there is quite a bit to get excited about.

First off, Greenlight Muscle Series 10 is now out, and between the Yenko Chevelle, 71 Charger, and the Challenger, we are all in.  We have our set ordered, and you can order the set or individual models here:

Greenlight Muscle Series 10

Next, the Hot Wheels Factory Sets have arrived, and for those of you interested in some unique versions of the models you like, these are definitely must haves.  From basics to Supers to mail-ins, they are all there, and Wheel Collectors is listing them now.  Keep checking in the link below to grab stuff like the Datsun Wagon or whatever else you want:

2014 Hot Wheels Factory Set Models


  1. The Chevelle is nice, but, from what I've seen, the Challenger looks sad compared to Auto World's perfect '73 casting (one of their best, IMO)

  2. Whats the difference between normal mainline and factory sealed ones with that little sticker?

  3. no difference. You just get all the releases of that year, all supers, mail-ins, exclusives, etc, in one big box.