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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Nissan R34 Skyline joins the brand new Hot Wheels International Road Trippin' series...

Who collects the Road Trippin' Series from Hot Wheels?

The Walmart exclusive series appears to be selling well.  Not all models fly off the shelves, but for the most part it seems that this series has struck a chord.  I myself am a fan, partly because I consider myself a bit of a road enthusiast, but I don't collect them all.  I assume many of you do the same thing.

Well it seems the Road Trippin' series has been a success, as Hot Wheels is continuing it in 2015, but with a broader scope.  Instead of just roads in the US, the series now features famous roads from all over the world.  And the first release that we know of will be what Hot Wheels is calling the "Mt Fuji Touge Road", and will feature the R34 Skyline in a "Drift" livery.

We are always happy to see the R34, although this version doesn't get us too excited.  But we will take it.  The cool thing?  Hot Wheels will use the same roads for future releases, so that could mean more Japanese cars in the series.  What they will be, we don't know (although we have heard rumors of a Kaido Racer Hako.)

Nonetheless, Skyline collectors rejoice.  You have another to hunt down...


  1. I'm personally looking forward to picking this one up. The livery reminds of Tokyo underground drift racing...

  2. Yet another R34 with boring gold PR-5's... Same shoes it's been wearing for 3 years now

    1. Well, they ain't just going to put CM6s on a mainline.