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Friday, January 9, 2015

What we are looking forward to in 2015 Hot Wheels Batch F...

The artwork for Hot Wheels Batch F is now out, and it is shaping up to be a nice one.

For one, the Super is FANTASTIC.  The Mooneyes Dodge Van is one of the more stylish Supers we have seen, so put that at the top of the list.  JUST BEHIND the VW Caddy, Felix Holst's gem that makes its debut in orange.  Add a 370Z, a new Huracan, the RX-7 in a fantastic livery, and on and on.  There is a lot to like.  Some that we are looking forward to:

(You can find all the images at our Favorite Brazilian Website.)


  1. I will love to see the huracan and the nsx with this blue colour!

  2. That RX7 is so awesome. Rabbit Pickup is sweet too, of course.

  3. The level of detail on the pictures look like they are from Greenlight.
    Is the NSX having a new wheel?

  4. The Lambo looks like the one from the cover of Forza.