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Friday, February 27, 2015

Complete Look: The entire Lamley Nissan R35 GT-R 1:64 collection...

Time to do another epic post.

We have been waiting a long time to feature the various versions of the Nissan GT-R.  We flirted several times with doing it, but when Tomica Limited Vintage announced the Nismo and N-Attack, we figured that would be a good time.

We are finally here.  The TLV Nismos were featured early in the week, but it is time to showcase all the GT-R's in the Lamley collection.  We by no means have all of them, but the variety we have been able to accumulate keeps us pretty happy.

The only problem with this post is that all the models will be compared to these two:

And that is not fair.  So we, uh, pulled them over.  Honestly, it cannot get any better than the TLV Nismos.  We won't rehash all the details, but needless to say of the entire GT-R collection these are our faves.

So where to start?

Let's start with this: There are six diecast brands represented in the collection, which for us is an oddity.  But there is a good reason.  We have been searching for a decent 1:64 version of the GT-R, and until the TLV, we never really found one that satisfied.  So we tried all different versions, many of which are no longer in the collection.

But we did keep a few, including all versions and variations of the Hot Wheels release, so we will start with those, and use one of the Hot Wheels for comparison.  Thereafter, the other brands.

Before we do jump in, here is a quick list of links to these models for sale, if available:

Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan GT-R Nismo

Kyosho Nissan GT-R

Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R

Majorette Nissan GT-R

Realtoy Nissan GT-R

Enjoy the pics:

The Lamley Nissan GT-R Collection:

Hot Wheels:

Wheel variation:

Rare 10sp variation:

Hot Wheels Speed Machines


Size comparison:


Size comparison:



Size comparison:

Tomica Limited Vintage:

Size comparison:


  1. Those are really nice, each one has something great about it. I've yet to find a GT-R in the wild, but am determined to do so. I have my R34's and other Skylines to keep me company until then.

  2. I really like the Black Speed Machines version with the co mold wheels!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well, my favorite is the Hot Wheels casting, for the price, it has a lot of detail.
      why did you missed the regular Tomica in the comparison ?

    2. We didn't include it because we don't have them. I don't collect regular Tomica.

    3. in this case tomica is the best gtr,u can get regular one that is cheaper than online market hw gtr

  4. Have any of them got a metal base?

  5. You're short on the Kyosho OEM version too. In my opinion it's in pair with the TLV in level of greatness. Here is a picture of mine:
    By the way, awesome post as always, I love to see comparisons of models with your great photos. And it's always awesome to know a little about different brands too.

  6. Size comparisons are great cause it usually keeps me from buying other brands. These all look pretty close. Really like what Majorette is doing these days. Maybe they will make their way back to the US.

  7. Hotwheels should make a nismo
    their gtr is shit its not low enough and to long

  8. And somehow no Regular Tomica R35, which blows the rest of the competition to smithereens. Not the TLV and Kyosho, of course, but the rest.

  9. RMZ City's Nissan GTR is one of my favorite diecast. Hope it can get into the list.

  10. Greenlight just released a GTR on their Black Bandit Series. Looks awesome.

  11. wow, through your blog I'm really able to compare TLV and Kyosho to HW and see the size difference and quality difference. The HW premium brands are still quite nice, though! Thank you!