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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just Announced: Tomica Limited Vintage releasing a 2-door Datsun 510 and another DR30 Skyline in July (oh, and a Tank!? in September)...

Tomica Limited Vintage has just unveiled its July batch, and Datsun 510 and Nissan Skyline fans should be pretty happy.

Included in this batch will be two more of the very popular Datsun 510's, only this time with two doors instead of four.  This should make a lot of 510 nuts very happy.  Many don't like those extra doors and now TLV is obliging.

Also, another Seibu Keihatsu DR30 Skyline is being released as well.  We have no idea where it fits in the TV show, but it does look different.  It does not have the trim of the others, and looks slightly more stock.  Once we have it in hand we will be able to tell what the difference is.

Also coming: three more colors of the Nissan Be-1, two with a rag top and luggage rack, as well as a Toyota Celica police vehicle.

Lastly, TLV have announced another Seibu Keisatsu vehicle for September.  It is a Ladybird Tank.  A Tank!!

Those of you who can read Japanese can let us know if the police cars are included, but one way or the other this thing is crazy cool.

There is a lot to look forward to from TLV in coming months, most notably the Nissan GT-R's that were just released, and the upcoming Toyota Supras.  Keep checking here and at Japan Booster to see when these are all available...


  1. Looked up the Ladybird, and found out that it is sadly a fantasy vehicle created for the show. It was called the TU89 Ladybird.

  2. Booo. Completionist me doesn't want to get another Seibu Skyline.

    haha I kid. I'm one with that lineup for the time being.

  3. Dammit Tomica! Although we know that looks more like a armoured car than a tank, I wish if you could make something more realistic like a V-150. Not like bootleg-made-in-PRC-for-5-year-below-tanks!

  4. Ladybird is a unusual name anyways

  5. The 2 patrol cars in that shot with the Ladybird are 1971 Nissan Cedrics [230]...

    The Ladybird crushed them both...