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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just Unveiled: the Hakosuka Skyline joining the R34 in the HotWheelsInternational Road Trippin' Series...

It is hard to keep secrets, but equally fun to let the cat out of the bag.

Hot Wheels collectors will see two Hakosuka Skylines this year.  We already know one will sit on Redlines as part of the Heritage Series, but now we can pass along pics of the upcoming Hako in the Road Trippin' Series.

We aren't huge fans of the overtly obvious graphics on the side, but that is expected from the Road Trippin' line, and we will never complain about another Skyline.  Plus, it might compell a few folks to Google "Kaido Racer" and learn something new.  It might make them want to see the EF Civic get the same treatment as well.  

This will be available soon at Walmarts in the US.  We don't know exactly what stores in other countries.  Who is in on this one?


  1. Awfull typefaces on both, but cool graphics afterall.

  2. Nothing a little Goof-Off cant fix. Looks like a decent paint color.