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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Honda Civic EF will be a Hot Wheels Zamac Exclusive this year...

Teaser pic time.

We know some of you have not been happy with our teasers in the past, but when that is all we've got to pass along, hopefully you won't be that mad.  So here is what we have:

And this:

That is the '90 Honda Civic EF, and it is a Zamac.

Yeah we wish we had a full model to show, but we don't.  We have seen it in black, so you can get the gist.  And at this point the news is probably more important.

The first batch of Zamacs have yet to appear, but we assume that will be soon.  The next batch will include the Porsche 911 GT3, the El Camino, and COPO Camaro.  It looks like the Honda will be in the next batch, and with what other two models, we can only guess.

This should be a good one.  Look for it we assume in the J cases at Walmart...


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