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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What a Gas! 2015 HW Batch H has been unveiled, along with the Fast Gassin' and Pass'n Gasser Regular and Super Treasure Hunts...

Our favorite ebay seller from Texas has done it again...

How, we know not, but now we have a glimpse at Hot Wheels Batch H.

Batch H appears to be geared towards two groups.  Those that like Gassers, and those that like sports cars.  For the gasser fans, you get both the Super TH (Pass'n Gasser) and the Regular TH (Fast Gassin').  You sports car fans?  The debut of the Corvette C7.R, and recolors of the McLaren P1, Lamborghini Huracan, BMW E36 M3, and Porsche 911 GT3.  We are also happy to see the '83 Silverado back, in a very cool Fram Oil Filters livery.

All look good, but our favorite?  The '68 Mercury Cougar.  That color combo is splendid.

You can see all the models at this link (also check the sold listings, as some have surely been purchased):

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch H

Some highlights:

Regular TH - Fast Gassin'

Super TH - Pass'n Gasser


  1. The Silverado is a pleasant surprise. I didn't know it was due back out already.

    1. Definitely the only one i'm looking forward to in the entire batch.

  2. They wasted the P1's recolor on boring old silver... Should've dark purple/black like the prototype P1 used for road testing

  3. The Fram model Chevy sounded pretty good, but.. when I scrolled down it wasn't what I expected. It's ok but those stripes make it look tooo busy.
    I think less would have been more if it just had the logos with just a good old plain orange base to it!

    Can't wait to check out the Lambo in green, new Cougar color combo and the BMW in black.

  4. Are you sure that McLaren P1 is just regular silver?
    Also, gimme dat C7.R if you don't want it.

  5. You reminded my childhood days. thanks

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