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Friday, March 27, 2015

Cool is Cool is Cool: 2013 Hot Wheels Convention '70 Dodge Power Wagon RLC Party Exclusive...

Lamley is here in Kentucky for the Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals....

Since I got in last night, I have mainly gone room to room just to see what is available for sale, and I have even picked up a couple of wants.  (But that pales in comparison to the thousands of cars I watched change hands yesterday in a multitude of deals.  I am happy with my 2-3 models.)

It is today that I will start attending most of the events.  I will watch the charity auction tomorrow night, and at some point afterward stop buy the RLC Party.

And it was the RLC part that reminded by of one my favorite RLC Party exclusives.  I don't have many Hot Wheels Convention models (actually, I don't have any) outside of the '70 Dodge Power Wagon from the 2013 Party.  I didn't attend that party, but I had to have the model the minute I saw it.

So, because the 2015 Nationals RLC party is tonight, why not show off one of the best exclusives they've done in the past...


  1. This is one of my absolute favorites in my whole collection. I collect and love both the Power Wagon and the off road real riders, so I knew instantly that I had to have it as well. But more importantly than that, I bought it the day my daughter was born and will give it to her once she's old enough to play with and appreciate it.

    1. Do you have any more of these power wagons. I have the simon and Simon one and it is one of my