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Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Alright to Cry: A DLM attack on the Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline R32 Super Treasure Hunt...

To our friends who think Hot Wheels should stay packaged, especially very valuable Hot Wheels, consider this a warning.

If you wish to proceed, let this video play while you scroll through.

Hit play, and have at it:

Isn't she a beaut, especially out of that prison.  Be warned, we may do this again...


  1. nice piece- i most certainly would have cracked it

  2. I'll never understand why you'd want to keep a gorgeous piece like this in the package. I'd take out mine too.

  3. As we all say in LALD let them free

  4. I found this is the best post ever! withe the music, of course.. :D

  5. I always open diecasts after I bought 'em. Things are meant to be used and those models are, primarily seen, toys. So open them, push them around, do fancy engine- and screeching-noises :)
    Free your models!