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Monday, March 9, 2015

Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels US F Case...

Are you all a little case-confused?

E Cases were released, but no Zamacs, F Cases were at Kmart, and are now at many Walmarts, G Cases hit hobby dealers, and is now on short cards internationally, and we have even seen previews of the H Case.  Not to mention all kinds of different assortments are being found in Easter bins at Walmart.

At least there is a lot of cool stuff to try and find.

In the midst of all this confusion, we will do our most straight-forward post we do on Lamley.  We just got the US F Case, so why not open it and see what is inside.  That shouldn't be too confusing.  At least we hope.

As always, we like to open a US Case here at Lamley, just to see if it is a little different than the International assortment.   This time it will be a little different, because many hobby dealers, including our friends at Wheel Collectors, didn't get the International F Cases they ordered.  Instead they found themselves with G Cases, which no one complained about.  So we don't have an International F Case to compare with the US Case.  Oh well.

Enough chat.  Let's get to is shall we?

As usual, here is the US 72-count F Case, pulled 3-by-3.


The first 36:

The second 36:

Not many surprises here, but some great models.  This particular case had no Super nor Regular TH, but it does contain some pretty nice models.  We have featured most before, and you can probably guess which models will be part of the Lamley collection.

One way or the other, this is case assortment is probably what those of you who have found F Cases will see.  Not bad..


  1. Take out all the plastic generic rubbish and there are some really cool cars in there, hopefully ones that I will be able to find.

  2. the only model of interest i saw was the vw caddy

  3. John,
    Why are you buying so many cases lately? For someone that is able to get out to as many stores as you do I find it a bit odd.

    1. Two reasons:

      The most common request we got from readers was to do case reports, so we were happy to oblige.

      Second, we rarely keep any of these, so after opening we are able to donate the entire case to the local children's hospital. They love having these unopened cars and we are happy to be the source.

  4. I've done zero hunting this year, and haven't missed anything

  5. No recognition for the Monster Dairy Delivery?!?.... Just kidding, just kidding!!!

    I thought that there might be at least one gray Ferrari 599XX.. Wow!