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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Variation Alert: The 2015 HW Datsun 510 Wagon appearing with the same grill variations as the 2014 version...

You figured this might happen, and now it has been confirmed.

Lamley reader Attila Szekely, who resides in Hungary, emailed us this morning to let us know he has discovered the same grill variations on his 2015 Datsun 510 Wagons that were found on the 2014 version.

If you remember, the 2014 510 Wagon was found with either large mesh, small mesh, or smooth grills.  Here are couple we found on the Super Treasure Hunt.  Smooth above and small mesh below:

You figure the same molds are being used, so the same variations were bound to appear in 2015, and sure enough they have.  Here are Attila's three finds:


Large mesh

Small mesh

Alright now that it is confirmed, and Batch G should hit fairly soon, keep your eyes open.  That is if variations are your thing...

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  1. And there is also a variation of the small mesh model with 2 different bases....