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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International J Case...

Alright here is another.

This is what happens when Mattel is catching up after the dock strike, or whatever else has been going on.  Whatever the reason, Wheel Collectors has spent the last three days bound up in their shop fishing through not one, but two batches, H and J.

And as always, we asked them to document the opening of both cases.  We showcased the H Case yesterday, and today we go through the J Case.  For a lot of you, we might as well just show the 1970 Ford Escort and skip all the other models, as the Escort is what so many of you are clamoring for.

But there is more, and as always, Wheel Collectors has documented all as they open the case and pull the models 3-by-3.


Hot Wheels 2015 International J Case:

While is has some very nice models (the Escort and satin red Chevelle stick out), this one isn't as, say, eventful as the H case.  H had a large array of models, plus a regular we like and a Super.  This J Case  didn't even contain a regular TH.

But that is ok, there is plenty to like.  But enough with the case reports.  Let's go photograph a model...


  1. The 70 Chevelle is one of my favorites and HW always treats it right! This is no exception! Beautiful! Can't wait to get a few!

  2. Some of those new castings are color variations but the card does not ID them as "new for 2015" (Speed Slayer, F-150, etc.)

    1. I think this may be due to this being an international case

  3. Mclaren, mustang, chevelle, and the escort of course. Also I have a soft spot for the surf crate. The 8 Crate isn't bad, for a super. Also the batmobiles, as my sister exclusively collects those. The corvette.. I haven't decided. The F150 looks great in red.