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Sunday, April 26, 2015

First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Falken Tires '12 Ford Custom Mustang...

If there ever was a model that matched so well with a specific livery, it would be this.

The '12 Ford Custom Mustang has always been a favorite since it originally debuted in that odd racing line you could find at Target, among other stores.  The design of the model, with its huge spoiler and hulking side panels, seems to work really well on the Mustang.  The deco of the previous versions?  Not terrible, but definitely with a little to be desired.

But that is all fixed with this Falken Racing livery.  The color combo is almost as recognizable as Moon Eyes, and like Moon Eyes it looks really good.  So we thought it deserved its own post.

And yeah, we are this close to collecting all the Falken Hot Wheels.  Should we collect them all and do a post?

Hot Wheels '12 Ford Custom Mustang (2015 Mainline):


  1. And yeah, we are this close to collecting all the Falken Hot Wheels. Should we collect them all and do a post?

    No need for permission JUST DO IT!!! NOW!!!

  2. How unusual - ANOTHER Mustang.... LOL...

  3. Nice really like it and I'm not a big Mustang guy. Would love to see the Thrush livery the Woody Wood Pecker like character is classic.

    1. AHHHH...Yesssss, Thrush! I had those in my hot rod mod days. Those glasspacks were awesome - they echoed nice thru 'hoods during those late nights.

      Excellent choice!!!! Especially in this day and age of Retro/Vintage goodness.

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