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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kyosho fans get ready: Curitiba Customs has added nearly 200 Kyoshos to their store...

This is something we will be doing moving forward.

The more we show Kyoshos on Lamley, the more questions we get as to how to acquire them, especially the older, no-longer-produced models.  Of course eBay is an option, but one of the best is Curitiba Customs out of Brazil.

Muriel and the gang there are avid Kyosho collectors, and have established means to get some of the hardest-to-find models, and every month they get a new shipment.  We have purchased quite a few from them, and we want to help get the word out.

So every month we will let our readers know when new items have been added to the store.  And that time is now.  You can see all the new arrivals here:

Curitiba Customs New Kyosho Arrivals

But hurry, many of these models are gobbled up quickly.  We suggest to check now, and hopefully you are able to get some models you want.

Some that caught our attention:


  1. I would love to have that Merc at the top, but after spending a small fortune on the entire Bentley collection, my pennies are a little bit on the miniscule side lately... LOL... especially after popping onto the site, and just picking everything that took my fancy, $950 later, my eyes fell out of my head and i closed the window quickly... LOL..

    1. Die cast will do that to man. So much to buy, so little to buy.