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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Some long lost Hot Wheels variations from the old days: Anyone lucky enough to have these?

I was going through some old pics the other day, and came across some photos I took back in 2007 of my Hot Wheels variation collection at the time.  Crazy to think I used to have these.

I sold them all when we moved, and have lost track as to where they went.  Hopefully there are some happy collectors out there:

The FTE flamed Dodge Charger?  I sold it for $925.  I don't remember what I sold the others for, but I did end up buying a lot of new furniture for the new house at the time.

The model I am most curious about now?  The red-wheel Dieselboy.  Designed by a new Hot Wheels designer named Jun Imai, apparently he didn't like the the red wheels, and they were changed to chrome.  A few red got out, and the rest is history.  I have not seen one emerge anywhere at anytime.  Anyone lucky enough to have one?  Or know someone who does?


  1. How in the world were you able to get your Charger to sell for so much?

  2. Man, I wish I had those Chargers.

  3. I only found 2 '55 Chevy Panels in 2006, one of them being he black grill variation.

  4. I have atleast two of the Chargers and I know I have the Dieselboy cause I get them as the come out and I liked the red rims on it.