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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Just Released: Kyosho Porsche Minicar Collection 6 is now out at Japan Booster...

A quick heads up for our readers, and we mean quick, because these models are going to be gobbled up quickly...

Japan Booster got their shipment in of the brand new Kyosho Porsche Minicar Collection 6, and they are up on eBay now.  This set is a great mix of Porsches old and new, and all in fresh colors.  You can see them all here (check the sold listings too):

Kyosho Porsche Series 6 at Japan Booster

We have a set coming, and we can't wait to showcase them all.  But don't wait for that, as these will be very popular, and soon hard to get.

Some favorites:


  1. that 962C is amazing. Hell, all are amazing!

  2. I just ordered the matte black 962C and red 991 Turbo. I would have bought the red 934, but I really wanted to add a 991 to my collection, so I went with that one instead.