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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just Unveiled: The TRUE Hot Wheels Toyota Supra Super Treasure Hunt with the correct, and surprising, wheels...

Well we figured enough had been said about the upcoming Toyota Supra Super Treasure Hunt.  It had been unveiled quite awhile ago, it has been added to all the lists out there, and attention had been moved to whatever the next Super would be.

Well we now have the first images of the Supra on the card and we got a little curveball.  

It turns out that the previous images that were leaked were of the actual body only.  It was sporting incorrect wheels.  We try not to show models on wrong wheels, but we got fooled on that one.

And the correct wheels are sweet:

To start, the busy deco isn't my favorite, but if you are going to go "drifty", then go all out, and the mismatched rim colors are fantastic.  Off the top of my mind, this is the first Super with different colored wheels.  It takes a Super that was mainly exciting based on the casting, and makes it more exciting based on the uniqueness.  This is a Super I will surely try to hunt down.

The Mooneyes Dodge Van remains our favorite Super for 2015 so far, but this one takes a top spot close behind.

Your thoughts?


  1. I was also surprised as I learned this last night. I personally prefer the silver wheels. I wonder if the silver wheel will fall under the "factory custom" category.

  2. I have a feeling this will be in the VERY high priced category on the secondary market....

  3. Love the casting and the wheels. But it really is too busy on the body and I agree with Michael Harrington. It will be very high on the secondary market.

  4. What should I do with all my blood tears for all the HW's craps of this year?

    Seriously '-'

  5. I like the casting but it is just way to busy for me, and on top of that the two color wheels make it even busier imo.

  6. Lamley likes the two colored wheels? Uck. Looks like a clown car now. Poor poor supra.

  7. The jaguar f-type project 7 has been unveiled
    Please blog about it

  8. Lamley likes the two colored wheels? Uck. Looks like a clown car now. Poor poor supra.

  9. extraordinarily ugly btw how much more gallons of that red paint is there in Malaysia?

  10. Ya this is so terrible. None of us should even try looking for this monstrosity. Seriously just leave them all behind guys.

    1. Why so you and find them all sell them on ebay for 30$ a car

  11. I wonder what it would look like if the wheels were chrome and just had the yellow trim/tampo all around (no green)? Chrome wheels would wake it up tremendously!

    The thing about Supers I never understood, the paint is way darker than it's baseline sibling, but the deep metallic finish somewhat makes up for it. Sure, it has premium wheels, but it should be bright and vibrant in some way, shape or form.
    That's my two cents.

  12. Hate the wheel colors. Sad imo that they did this, but as Lamley said they are going for a drift car and it works in that regard, wish it was less busy with all black wheels.

  13. Never seen a super i did not like