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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels International L Case...

How about a little Hot Wheels coverage, eh?

I will admit to a MASSIVE Matchbox kick lately.  Orange was my first diecast love, and as I put together the series on the Last Golden Age of Matchbox, I have had a blast going through what I have, and adding the stuff I want.  This is what came in the mail just yesterday:

And there are more coming.  Something tells me these models will get harder and harder to find, so now is the time to stock up.  And in case you are wondering, yes, I will open every single one of them.

But back to the task at hand.  We need some Hot Wheels coverage, and we should get plenty this week, because the L cases are out.

Wheel Collectors got their batch yesterday, and as usual, they randomly picked a case and unveiled the contents 3-by-3, documenting what they pulled along the way.

All of these models pulled are now available at the Wheel Collectors store, including the Super TH, and a few loose models. (Lots of box damage in this shipment.  Long story.)

But here is everything, as pulled from the L Case.


2015 Hot Wheels International L Case:

No Super or Regular.  In fact, none of the cases contained a Regular, and only one yielded a Super.  A nice Super it is though:

This isn't the most exciting case, but I won't call it the worst either.  The New Models are intriguing, and there are a few others to get excited about.  Your thoughts?


  1. Releases of 2015 HW cases are way behind here in Canada! I believe some areas have't even seen A cases yet,so to see everything that you show is very exciting! Nice to see a couple of bikes and a Turbine Time recolor, the new releases are indeed intriguing,as far as the super TH goes, I like it but I am on the fence about the wheels, now the Off Duty wheels on the other hand are fantastic! All in all a pretty good case.

  2. The only one that may come home with me is the Corvette in Gulf colors.

    Now that box of MB is another thing. I've got most and could add duplicates of others.


  3. I knew about most of this case already, so none of it really suprised me, but for some reason the Fast fortress caught my attention.

  4. here are you getting the matchbox cars from what website

    1. I'm guessing Scabay. I seem most of them up but I could be wrong. The ones on ebay were at a decent price also. With multiples of each casting.

  5. The Fast Fortress has been redesigned by the look of it. Does anyone know if it is still a 6 wheeler?

    1. Looks like they added rear fender skirts, wouldn't surprise me if they changed it to a single rear axle. Glad they brought that one back, same with H2Go

  6. I'm hoping that velocita doesn't have any tampos on the top...