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Sunday, May 17, 2015

This week's As is the Custom is now up at the Lamley Customs Blog...

3 weeks in a row!  Bringing on this new group of editors, Chris, Seth, and Luke has been exactly what we hoped.

Time was limited for me, but with so many good artists out there, their work deserves to be seen, and the new guys are making sure that happens.  Chris handled the duties this week, and there are some amazing pieces he selected.  You can see them all on the Lamley Customs Blog:

As is the Custom at Lamley Customs

There is also another feature over at the new blog that gaining traction.  Every Wednesday the four of us select an Artist of the Week, and feature all of that person's work.  Last Wednesday it was the creative @alinhelga from the UK, and the feature shouldn't be missed.  You can find it here:

Artist of the Week: Alinhelga

More and more content will continue to pop up on the Lamley Customs Blog, so keep checking back...