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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Matchbox unveils even more preproduction models for the upcoming Gathering of Friends Charity Auction...

If the first batch wasn't enough for those of us attending the Matchbox Collectors Gathering of Friends next month, Mattel has given us more.

Preproduction models are a little like variations.  Not every collector is interested, but among those that are there is a ton of passion.  I personally love to look at, and occasionally pursue in auction, the prepros.  They are different to say the least, and can tell a little story of how the model came to be.  And more than anything, they make it possible to have a unique version of your favorite castings.

And that is why Mattel always shows up at the Gathering with a few prepros in hand to auction off at the charity auction.  Getting a few collectors battling it out for a prepro can raise a lot of money really fast.

So it is news when Mattel unveils the prepros that are coming, and that is why we report on it.  This time Mattel has released them in two batches.  We showcased the first a couple of weeks ago, and now it is time to show the second.

There are 14 models, all prepros of basic models, and there are a few that are bound to interest several of our readers.  I know I have my eye on a few.  Any you would pursue?


  1. MITSUBISHI LANCER POLICE!!! Just hoped they'll have the Malaysian Police color version

  2. The Lancer Evolution and Audi RS6 look amazing! Too bad I won't be there at the auction.

  3. I'll take the Chevy 1500, Lancer police car and Crown Vic police car, thank you :D

  4. Anyone noticed the tan colored firetruck with the hot wheels pr5 wheels on it?

  5. mmm, that Mack B pumper looks nice. Thanks Mattel!