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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Variation Alert: Hot Wheels '65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback Basic with TH tampo...

A few days ago, we got another report of a very cool error/variation that is being found with the latest Hot Wheels L Case.

After seeing reports on Instagram and Facebook, reader Jason Thien from Malaysia sent us pics of his in-store find:

All is normal.  The basic and Super TH Mustang share the same tampo, save the TH logo on the rear. The Super also has spectraflame blue paint.  This one?  Basic paint, basic wheels, Super TH deco and logo.  Cool, eh?

This has happened before.  Recently, the Toyota Tundra basic was found with real riders, and the Camaro Special Edition Super was found with basic wheels.  So there is precedent.

So those of you who happen across an L case, even one that has been picked over, start looking.  You might find something even better than that Super that was already snagged.

Let us know if others are found.  Good luck...

(Follow up: There are already a couple on eBay...)


  1. The '67 Chevelle seemed to be the one that found the most variances, back when they started the whole "hidden" $TH deal.

  2. I found two pegged at a local Fry's. Saw the "TH" on the trunk and got excited, but then saw the mainline wheels and didn't know what to think. Both were on international cards.

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  4. Well, I guess the whole substituting wheels just because they ran out of the right style doesn't just apply to mainlines, Supers too.

  5. The Kombi also had a TH on the mainline this year, almost everyone I found. The TH was on the side where it is on the super however it was just an outline. Did anyone else notice that?

  6. I just bought a 65 2+2 Fastback MUSTANG and it as real rider wheels, basic paint, NO "TH" Logo on the trunk but it has a "GOLD" CIRCLE FLAME on the card under the car located where the reagular t-hunts say it is highly collectable. Any help/info on what I have would be great. You can email me at & I will send pix upon request

    1. I just fond exactly same one this morning. It has a gold flame on the card, and car is on real riders, but has regular paint with no TH mark at back.

  7. I found the exact one at food city grocery store in pigeon forge tn saw it on the shelf and usually employees pick off all the supers but someone goofed and left one on the shelf