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Friday, August 7, 2015

Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International P Case...

Only one more case to go...

Think about it.  A year ago the frenzy for the Q Case Datsun Wagon Super Treasure Hunt was at a fever pitch, and it wasn't even out yet.  The P Case that was released before seemed like an afterthought compared to what was coming, most notably the Wagon Super, Porsche 934 and 2015 Mustang.

The landscape now is a little different.  The P Case has a Super that has a lot of people excited, the Superbird, and a lot of great releases.  The Q Case won't be too shabby either, mainly because of the Nissan 180SX that everyone wants.  But things won't be as frenzied.

Back to the P Case.  We like a lot of what we see.  We think we have resolved part of the mystery of the Fiat (not a Treasure Hunt, but we still don't know why the symbol is on the card), and one way or the other it is a fantastic model.

There are a lot more models to grab, and we will showcase them when we have them.  In the meantime let's get to the report.

As always, a random case pulled off the pallet at Wheel Collectors and photographed as the models are pulled 3-by-3.


(Find all the P Case Models now at Wheel Collectors)

Reg Treasure Hunt Alert:

Obviously the Rogue Hog is the TH, but now I am totally curious about the Fiat.  Maybe it will become clear later.

All in all, a decent case.  A few models, like the Elmiraj recolor, M4, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Mad Manga, Subaru BRAT, and that SUPERB Fiat, will definitely go into the collection.

Your thoughts?


  1. If the Fiat was a hunt, there wouldn't be multiples of it.

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  3. Love the green Sesto! And the 500, M4, Mustang GT and Superbird. Will go hunting for them this weekend.

  4. Only 2 cars in that case I'd grab: Custom '15 Mustang & '15 Jaguar F-Type. All the rest are peg-warmers to me.

  5. can you do a jaguar and custom mustang first look?

    1. I'd like to see all the hate. My popcorn is ready.
      Oh, and I'll count all the heaters. Once done I can pitch for Lamley to just throw a way the models to the Philippines.

  6. this is actually a really good batch. cant wait to see it in stores. of course im anticipating mad manga, the custom mustang, and for some reason the brazillian charger. I just love the color they choose on that car(weird).

    Now more importantly I keep wanting to post this but im either busy or my computer act weird. I truly believe that the whole fiat thing is either a really good error or simply a fake. One thing to really notice is even though it has the t hunt logo on the card, it is missing something that all t hunt cars have; the little description by the logo that states "this car is hard to find and is highly collectable and blah blah blah :P." any thoughts?