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Thursday, August 6, 2015

What should be the next great Matchbox Wagon? Will it be as nice as this Benz?

We are so excited about where Matchbox is headed.  It seems that things are wide open, and we could see some fantastic castings coming down the pipe in the coming years.  There is a brand new team full of new, fresh ideas, and they are definitely listening to collectors.

So that makes our minds wander, wondering what the next great models might be.  Since I am a bit of a nerd for wagons, why not throw some ideas out there.

But to inspire some ideas, let's go to one of Matchbox's best wagons from the recent past.  Sure the Olds Vista Cruiser is an instant classic, and my favorite MBX wagon may be the Audi RS6 Avant, but this Mercedes-Benz E430 can't be ignored.

Of course we haven't seen one in awhile, with Mattel and Mercedes still not talking.  But thankfully, before the license ended, Matchbox dropped a near perfect version.

The casting came in two versions, standard street and emergency.  We saw some nice emergency versions, especially in the Europe-exclusive Stars of Cars series, but the street version was mired in some bad decos.  Finally in 2006, this dropped:

Sure, the wheels are the infamous flower rims, but other than that, straight black with front and rear tampos, including Euro-style license plates.  The model is a stunner, and exactly what is great about Matchbox: realism, accuracy, and familiarity.

I am guessing most of you agree with me that this is a beauty.  It even has a metal base, but that is obviously not something we will see in the future.  But looking at this does make one think that it is time to see more.

Matchbox is already on it.  They have announced the Volvo V60 Wagon for 2016, and it should be a great addition:

But we shouldn't stop there.  There are a TON more wagons that could be done, old and new, and knowing the car culture landscape today, they are bound to be popular.  And while American land yachts will always be welcome, there are some European and Japanese options that need some serious consideration.  Some of our ideas:

BMW 3 Series Wagon, complete with roof rack:

Volvo 1800ES Wagon:

Mazda RX3 Wagon:

Mazda 6 Wagon:

Those are only four, and we could keep going, and going, and going.  But we want your ideas.  Share your ideas, here, on Facebook, or instagram.  In fact, tag your ideas #nextmatchboxwagon.  And I promise, Matchbox will see this.  What wagon should we see on the Matchbox pegs in the next few years?

While you think about it, some more pics of the fabulous Benz E430:


  1. 5 series wagons have always been nice. Especially the E34.

  2. Needs more iconic Volvo wagons like the 240 and 740 series...

    1. 240! Yes yes yes. I'd also love to see a Peugeot 405 or 505 (Dangel?) wagon

  3. Jag XF Sportbrake....... awesome car especially in XFR-S trim

  4. I vote for vintage wagons and shooting breaks, plus Volvos of any era

  5. ...besides this black one I also have a Police version (silver) that is very good with blue rooflights. I call everyones attention to an old hot wheels mercedes station wagon (Mercedes 300 TD) that is an exceptional diecast, from the time HW used to have very good die-casts! Its worthwhile having it!

  6. Very nice, siku also did a nice version of that gen Mercedes-Benz wagon, and the epic Binz ambulance version too...mbx should do the classic w123 wagon if they can sort things out with Mercedes...

  7. Very nice, siku also did a nice version of that gen Mercedes-Benz wagon, and the epic Binz ambulance version too...mbx should do the classic w123 wagon if they can sort things out with Mercedes...

  8. Mustang Wagon concept -

  9. Please do a Volvo 850 T5-R wagon or sedan. They will pair well with the v60 and are iconic. A Ferrari 400 wagon concept and the Volvo p1800es are great choices to

  10. The Mazda RX-3 wagon would be awesome. The RX-4 wagon is pretty hot as well.

  11. Among the wagons I would like to see done by MBX would include the F10 and E60 versions of the BMW 5 Series wagon and the VW Passat Variant. Only Siku has done the B6 Passat wagon but not the B7.

  12. 1) BMW 528i (E39) Touring

    2) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Wagon

    Both of these would fit perfectly in Matchbox's current line-up.

  13. I'd love to see the VW R36 Wagon in Biscay Blue!

  14. 1973 Toyota Crown Station Wagon would be awesome.

  15. Definitely need more American station wagons, there's a LOT to choose from !

  16. 2005 Subaru Forester Wagon XT model or a 2011 Nissan X-Trail TS model...