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Friday, September 4, 2015

JCCS Month: The fantastic models of the Kyosho Mechadoc Set...

Finally I am featuring this set...

The Kyosho Mechadoc ("Mechanical Doctor") set has been on my want list for awhile, and I finally pulled the trigger when Japan Booster listed it for sale last month.  And I am thankful I finally did.  What a cool set!

The Mechadoc comic and anime series is not something that I will even attempt to describe, especially since Japanese Nostalgic Car already described its significance in a great article last year.  But the only thing to know in this context is that the drawn cars were based on real cars, and the cars used create a wonderful hodgepodge of Japanese autos.

So let's focus on the models, and show these beauties off.  Here are all six models from the set.  Enjoy:

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  1. That's a beautiful set ; speaking about Kyosho, John you still don't have featured the last second part of Porsche VI Collection, neather the VW's ...