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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Just Released: Matchbox Fire and Police Squad 5-packs...

With all the talk about Supreme Hero lately (who would have thought?), Matchbox has thrown a couple more emergency treats our way.

Two new 5-packs have emerged, and I saw both on eBay.  First the Police Squad 5-pack:

And second, the Fire 5-pack.

As is the case with most 5-packs, there are models that interest me and models that don't.  For both, it is the cars.  The Dodge Monaco is FINALLY in brown.  It is such an appropriate color for that model, and it looks fantastic.  Second, it is nice to see the Buick Century in a Fire livery.  The rest of the models?  Let's see how they look when I have them in hand.

For now, it is all about those police cars...


  1. Wow, they de-chromed the Mack B! FOR SHAME!!

  2. Wow matchbox has ruined the emergency 5 packs and has made them childish

  3. The Police 5 Pack is a must for the "likes" of me.