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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Surprise! Honda Civic SiR, Nissan Safari, and the rest of the Tomica Limited Vintage September Batch is now out at Japan Booster...

Every.  Single.  Month.

Like clockwork, another batch of gems is released by Tomica Limited Vintage, and this batch should be very popular.

For me, the highlight is the debut of the Nissan Safari.  We haven't had a good TLV Japanese off-roader since the Land Cruiser, so this is most welcome.

The highlight for many of you, and one I am very excited about as well, is the return of the popular Honda Civic SiR.  Two new colors at for those who have been justifiably hesitant to pony over big bucks for the previous versions.  Finally, a chance to get a couple at a good price.

Lastly, a real treat with a new Hino car carrier.  That makes three now, and I can't wait to put them all together.  Oh yeah, and a Tank.  Yeah, a TLV Tank.

You can grab all the models here:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

What will you grab?

Look at the Ladybird Tank!


  1. Already ordered!

    With note - the rest of 2015 could be considered a little lacklustre TBH.............are they saving themselves for 2016?

  2. Wow, that car carrier! Can anyone tell me how wide it is? Preferably the tire tracks. I want to see if it fits on my narrow shelves.

    1. Javier I can't say how wide it is, but figure a standard Hot Wheels can fit on this.

  3. Nothing new for me. Have the Honda and the Hino. Trying to thin most trucks out of my collection. The tank is pretty cool but outside of some Dragon Armour pieces not a collecting focus either. The Hino Transporter width is about 1 5/8 outer tire to outer tire. It is an awesome piece.

  4. The only catch with the Ladybird are the patrol cars. Apparently they are made with ABS plastic.

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