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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2016 Batch A & Pop Culture Mario Bros are now out at Wheel Collectors...

Happy New Year!

At least in Hot Wheels land.  We are officially here, with hobby dealers now receiving Hot Wheels 2015 Batch A.

The shipment just arrived at Wheel Collectors, along with the latest Pop Culture, and Matt and Matt have been frantically listing them for all to see.  And there is a lot to like.  You can see both here:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch A

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Mario Bros

There is a lot to like in both shipments, and for me it starts with the Chevy Luv.  The model looks cool, and I cannot wait to see it in person, and to pair it with the really sharp looking C10 that is part of the batch as well.  I will actually stop talking and let you guys follow the links to see what you like.

Some other highlights: