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Saturday, October 3, 2015

2016 Hot Wheels Preview: The amazing premium new series Car Culture, plus more 2016 sneaks...

You all want to see the news that Hot Wheels presented, so we will get right to it.  No need for me to explain anything, so here is the news, starting with what I think is the most exciting of all.

Unfortunately I had to leave the Convention to tend to some matters, so many, MANY thanks to @hw_jay for taking photos for us.  Make sure to give him a follow...

We start with new premium series called Car Culture, to me the most exciting premium line since 2013 Boulevard.  A few models were previewed by the Hot Wheels Team, from two batches, Euro Style and Japan Classics:

And yes, it appears there are two new wheel styles, and the RX-3 and Golf MK7 are new castings.

Next, upcoming basics (click on the image for a larger view):

Themed Series:


There is more, including Pop Culture, but I think this is the top of the line news.  Share your thoughts...


  1. First Porsche, now BMW. Boy this marques-specific line is moneyshot (but the lack of rider in the MotoBimmer is appalling).
    Also... Mk7 Golf GAAAAH
    Integra GAAAAAAH
    Raptor and Hellcat Charger GAAAAH
    Outlaw 356 GAAAAH

    This is one hot way to start the year.

  2. Wow, the BMW M3 GT2 is still rocking the plastic rear wing.

  3. Did they give a date for the Car Culture series?

    1. Last mix of heritage will be around March (planned), so I would say May or June.

  4. So only 4 subscription cars? Or just 4 announced?

  5. Thanks for the pics! Like the Aston Martin DB10 the best. Unfortunately the 2016 RLC cars shown are of no interest to me at all, so they'll become trade bait if I renew membership.

  6. So I see they are going to BEAT TO DEATH the Datsun 510 Wagon now.......

  7. I hope they will have 4 more RLC Club Sub Cars and 1 more 2016 RLC Gasser Membership Car. We normally have 4.

    1. Yea, but with the way things are being downsized/scaled back, we'll be lucky to get half what we normally do.

  8. will the Car Culture series come under RLC or will be sold normally?