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Sunday, October 25, 2015

As is the Custom for October 25th is now on the Lamley Instagram page...

It is so fun doing this again.

As is the Custom was one of my favorite features on the blog for so long, but because it was so time consuming, I had to try new ideas.  It seems that doing As Is solely on Instagram is the right solution.  I am back picking customs, and it is something I can do throughout the weekend.

So go to the Lamley Instagram feed and look for anything under the hashtag #asisthecustom to see this week's selections.  We are taking a lot from Instagram, but from other sources as well.

I will reiterate that the best way for your customs to be seen is no longer by email, but by posting your customs on Instagram at any point during the week and tagging them #lamleycustoms.  I will see it.

Enjoy this week's selections...