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Friday, November 20, 2015

Did Hot Wheels just unveil yet another Fairlady Z?

The Hot Wheels community was abuzz yesterday when Sung Kang of Fast & Furious fame unveiled on Facebook that he visited the Hot Wheels Design Center in El Segundo.

We have seen this before.  For example, Magnus Walker posts pics from the Design Center on Instagram and a few months later an Urban Outlaw-themed Porsche was unveiled.  Could Sung Kang's internet destroying FuguZ be getting similar treatment?

Another post on his Facebook Page containing a short clip appears to have answered that question...

Flat nose, fender mirrors, that wide stance.  Not the 240z or Jun's Kaido Z, so it looks like another Z is on its way.

Based on the timing I would say this is a 2017 model, but it could be in the last batch of 2016, just like the 180SX was unveiled late and issued in the final batch of 2015.  Time will tell.

Some of you might need to get your hoarding shoes on...


  1. First, Skylines. Now, Z-cars. What's next, Cedrics?

  2. What is the weird process that is going on in the video he posted?

  3. Before that,i saw a post of sung kang visited hotwheels

  4. looks like the same casting as the fairlady, just paint dripping off the nose makes it look flat

    1. But this has the mirrors cast to it. the kaido z doesn't.

  5. These FuguZ will join in Need for Speed and Hw has the license of them. Thas makes sense. So We are only wondering ... When this car will be released?