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Friday, November 13, 2015

Package Report: Kyosho Lotus and Tomica Premium Tokyo Auto Show exclusives from Japan Booster...

One more package to showcase, before I dive deep into the Lamley Studio to photograph these beauties.

It was a busy day yesterday, with a Kmart case and packages from Wheel Collectors and Japan Booster all arriving.  Videos of all three openings are on the Lamley YouTube Channel, but I haven't shown the Japan Booster package here on the blog.

The STUNNING Lotus set is available now (including the chase cars at the moment), and look for the Tokyo Auto Show Tomicas to pop up soon:

Japan Booster eBay Store

Here is the package opening:

As I have said earlier, these videos are in addition to what I do here on the blog.  All of these models will be photographed and featured here on the blog, and if there is an interesting video idea to correspond, I will do one.  But the features will remain the same.  I love the photography, and that won't change.  We just get to enhance the experience a little more.

There will also be YouTube exclusive videos (meaning videos we don't post here), so be sure to subscribe.


  1. Europa..... *drool* Circuit Wolf Lotus Europa is one of my favorite Kyosho(1/64) of all-time. I think I really want one of the new releases, too. Hopefully Japan Booster still got them!