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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Gulf Series continues: The RLC Gulf Racing '67 Camaro goes on sale tomorrow...

It looks like another Monday full of superlatives here on Lamley.

On the heels of the tremendous Candy Striper Gasser, Hot Wheels is throwing another fastball our way with the Gulf Racing Series '67 Camaro.

There are two ways to look at this one.  The first is the fact that this is a '67 Camaro.  It seems that, for the moment, the '67 Camaro has taken a back seat to maybe the 510 Wagon as the defining basic model.  But make no mistake, the '67 Camaro is an all-timer, if not THE all-timer.  It goes back to the first days of Hot Wheels, and in one way or the other has found its way into a package every year.  The '67 Camaro is a newsmaker no matter what line it is in.

But that is the baseline.  This goes way beyond the casting.  This is model #5 of the epic RLC Gulf Racing Series, essentially the iconic Gulf livery on steroids.  Spectraflame Gulf, as only Hot Wheels can do.

And of the five, the Camaro easily takes the cake.  For me, the Porsche and Ford GT castings are a little dated and could be better, the Drag Bus is exactly what it is - not a favorite, and the Drag Beetle, while definitely the most interesting, is not what I would call my cup of tea.  (The funny thing is I am a big fan of each one of these models, and won't give up this set for anything.)  The Camaro however is just perfect.  Don't ask me why, just trust me that I think it is.

There are surely other models that would look great in this deco, like the Porsche 934, and hopefully it continues.  There is just too much good stuff to stop.

Be ready for this one.  The RLC sale starts tomorrow at 9am Pacific Time, and with a limit of 2 per member this one will fly.  Let us know how you do.

Enjoy the pics.  This was one of the models most fun to photograph and film...

Watch the video and then come back for the pics.  And be sure to subscribe to the Lamley YouTube Channel...


  1. Still would go for the Gulf 917K. Wears the livery better than even the Ford. And the Ford already wears the livery excellently.

  2. I envy you.. Damn good Video. :)
    I am a huge fan of 67 Camaro. Don't know when I will acquire this beauty.
    KEEP doing the great work. (Y)

  3. i still think that the 67 is overused. the ford has been used a handful of times but the Porsche? i only know of the yellow Porsche series car and the gulf version. how is that overused? as for the drag bus, i do not understand the hype over that casting at all. but that Porsche is just plain flipping gorgous. they need to spectragulf the rsr, 935-78, and Porsche targa

  4. How about a video review of the Toy Fair RSR, gotta be the best Hot Wheels car in years! Thanks!

    Keep up the great work....

  5. Yes, the Camaro looks awesome, but if you ask me that one's the most dated of them all. I mean, it doesn't even have any door lines!

    The Drag Bus, as a casting, is quite overrated, although it does look the nicest that it has ever looked here.

    Give me the Ford and the Porsche. Those are the ones that are really supposed to rock the Gulf Livery, and boy, do they rock it well.

  6. As cool as I think these are, and I'd love to have the three non-VW cars, I just can't justify paying for an annual membership to only have a chance at buying one.

  7. Opening hood and you don't do an open hood shot? Come on!! lol

  8. I may be the minority but I don't get these because of the spectraflame finish. Especially on the models that came in regular gulf.


  9. Wish I had the Porsche and the Ford myself. I'd be willing to trade one of my soon-to-get pair of Gulf Camaro's for either the Porsche or Ford models.
    Agree.. that Drag bus is so overrated. Unless you've owned a VW bus, i can understand. Doesn't do anything for me.

  10. These are NOT RLC (Red Line Club) cars. These are HWC (Hot Wheels Collectors) cars.