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Friday, December 18, 2015

Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels E Case...

This is the fifth case of 2016.  FIFTH!  And we still haven't made it to the actual 2016.  But such is the Hot Wheels line.

And in all honesty it is nice to see this case.  Let's just say that the D Case was just a bit...drab.  The Hellcat Charger was cool, but there wasn't much else.  But that is more than made up for with the E Case.  This case is bursting with goodness.

No need to break it down now.  The case report will do that, and I think you will enjoy it.  Watch how the good models just keep coming.

And since you are going to see a lot you like, remember all are available at Wheel Collectors.  Maybe even in time for Christmas:

Hot Wheels Batch E at Wheel Collectors

So, as always, the E Case models, as pulled by our friends at Wheel Collectors 3-by-3.



  1. Hm, some pics of the Raptor were deceiving, I thought it received the bigger off road wheels.

    I really hope the base on the Blazer is interchangeable with the ones from the metal/metal retool...

  2. Three Porsches in the batch. Nice. They will come home. Also the MCLaren looks good in the the blue. The Blazer will likely be the only other one I pick up.

  3. Dat 934 and P1... mmm.
    Also, the Aston. Pretty livery, actually.
    And... finally, a black Elmiraj. It's the perfect color.

  4. All three Porsches are gets. So is the Mustang, even with the up-chin! Is the Olds a new Model? How about the Raptor? The VW Square back is cast now with a plastic base for the first time. Good cars in this batch!

  5. Looks like some new wheels on the solar thing.

  6. That Raptor looks really good! Can't wait for the new 180SX, Outlaw if I ever find one, Squareback TH, and maybe the new 934. Very good case!

  7. Is it just me, or does the Muscle Speeder look like a finished version of the earlier released Project speeder? Look at them side by side, and the similarities are obvious!

  8. The new Greenwood Corvette variation looks nice. Looks a bit like a metal flake paint. Pretty nice for a mainline. Wonder what the top looks like.

  9. The outlaw is a must-have for this MBX collector............

  10. Ugly wheel error on the Mustang BTW.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. The M4 and Bentley don't need those wheels
    Hotwheels needs to scrap those pizza wheels because they are ugly as hell
    Why not put Mc5 on a Bentley
    Or sp10

    1. I know of a car that wouldn't look so bad with TRAP5s.
      Compare it with the real-life car...

  13. The Blazer looks like an update of the 1984 model. I have a black model from that year. But I bet the new one doesn't have opening doors like the original.

  14. only ONE 180sx in one case?? bahh

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  16. Jesus... my kid would love that box. In fact, I would love that box as well :D

    I'm more of a Matchbox and Majorette fan myself because of the realism of the cars but Majorette suck these days. My kid loves his HW... doesn't matter if its the Color Shifters, the regular models or the funny random cars (like the snake car).

    Even wrote an article comparing various brands to each other called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels. HW wins by a long shot. Hope you like the photos.. I sure liked yours, especially the third one ;) looks like heaven :)