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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What to look for: Hot Wheels Leap Year Car, Greenlight Barrett Jackson & Black Bandit RV's...

Another box from Wheel Collectors, another month of great diecast to hunt down.

Hot Wheels E Cases have hit Walmarts in droves, and F is right around the corner.  There is a lot to like in the F Case, most notably the Acura Integra and Aston Martin DB10, but methinks the Leap Year Car will be on a lot of want lists as well.  Especially considering a dud of a Super is in this case, the Bad Mudder II.  Batch F will be the Kday batch, so be ready for that as well.

But it isn't just Hot Wheels.  Greenlight has a new batch of Barrett Jackson cars, but even more notable are the fantastic Black Bandit Fleetwood Bounder RV's.

All are highlighted in the video below, along with an explanation of that strange-looking Toyota FT-1 is that you have seen in a couple of videos.

Enjoy, and as always, be sure to subscribe to the Lamley YouTube Channel:


  1. Blister stand. Just what all hot wheel/minicar bloggers need. Also eBay sellers. lol

  2. whats the grey car holding the chevelle leap year card

  3. what is the car next to the hotwheels Leap Year Car?

  4. I have an orange FT-1 key chain. It is pretty cool and close enough scale-wise to display well with my other cars.