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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hold on tight! The brand new Aoshima Grachan Series is now available at Japan Booster...

Alright, let's be honest.  You read Lamley for the articles.  I know, I am kidding.  In fact, you are not reading this at all.  You are looking for the link to Japan Booster, especially after looking at the photos accompanying this piece.  Here it is:

Aoshima at Japan Booster

The brand new 1/64 Grachan Series (Grand Champion), in all its bosozoku glory, has just been released, and our friends at Japan Booster have them.  That means all 12 models, as well as the fantastic online exclusives, the LB Works Kenmeri in blue and the Carina HT #69 in black.  These are tremendous, and are probably gone if you were foolish enough to read this article all the way through.  Here is the link again so you don't waste time looking up:

Aoshima at Japan Booster

If what you want is gone, keep checking back.  Japan Booster let us know they will replenish when they can.  But these are limited, so be ready.  Alright, one more time:

Aoshima at Japan Booster


  1. This is bad timing for me with the Gulf Porsche sale on the same day.