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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2016 Matchbox D Case...

When Wheel Collectors sent the case report pics for the Matchbox D Case, I was a bit underwhelmed.  The assortment wasn't great, and the two models chosen to come in multiples seemed like the wrong choice.

There are definitely good models in the batch, including the debut of the 2016 version of the Dodge Charger Police (feature coming soon), but there weren't enough models for the collectors to gobble up.  Needless to say, I was curious to see if the assortments were the same in the case I was to get soon after.

Well, it is here, fresh from A&J Toys, and the Unboxing video is below.  Let me know what you think of the case:

(A&J Toys on eBay...)


  1. The Prius also is a good model. The deco is similar to the NY taxi decos, but in green. Model S, Charger and Ford truck are very nice.

  2. Dissapointing. Yes, the Charger is cool. I like the Vantom. I could see this in all black as a take on the SEMA Extreme Toyota Previa Off Road monster. The Sea Commander is interesting to look at as well. Ill need a closer look. Over all, the hullaboo created with the new team seems to have been mor show than go. Ive not really been impressed. We have the Mazda to look forward to I guess...but the non licensed stuff are peg warmers.

    Heck, my Walmart still hasnt moved last quarters product. It hangs once the gems are plucked.
    Hoping for a New Matchbox line by Summer.

  3. Yeah, this is a poor mix compared to the first two of the year. Around here we still have many unlicensed models from the last case hanging on the pegs in multiples. Especially now with the cases only being 24 count, if your not first to the pegs (or palette) your not getting the few licensed models in the case.

  4. Really like the Tesla, should be more castings like that in the mix, rather than so many generics...think there should be 3 or 4 of any licenced new model per 24 case, to allow collectors as well as kids to get 'em...

  5. Really like the Tesla, should be more castings like that in the mix, rather than so many generics...think there should be 3 or 4 of any licenced new model per 24 case, to allow collectors as well as kids to get 'em...

  6. Ok last time I was really frustrated and it came out. This time I'm just going to comment on the positives. I pretty much agree with everything said in the video. Final thoughts Tesla, Charger,Tesla, Charger......
    I wonder if they will do the same with Mercedes or things will be straight by then. I did contact Target and received a good reply which was unexpected. They are going to contact corporate team and see if they can bring them back to the pegs. So it dose work also had a few guys on Instagram do the same. I would encourage anyone who has a retailer not carrying them to contact their corporate offices.

  7. Well, what a waste of my precious time that was, Generic, Generic, Generic Generic, plastic, Plastic, Plastic, Plastic, only TWO out of that entire case will be bought if anyone every stocks them in the UK, The dodge and the Tesla and thats it - If Mattel thinks that by adding two decent castings to a case of rubbish is the way forward, they are seriously wrong.

    1. Jon well said, I've said ir many times. Mattel has a one step two steps back approach when it comes to MBX and it is concerning. The fact that they know that they had to reduce case size and still put the garbage in the cases ans distribution is not a priority is unbelievable. Now I said I would be positive but I'm responding to a comment. I have stated I support MBX but Mattel in general is not getting this right! Even HWs is producing more and more peg warmers. You go to the store and you have to riffle through pegs that are already a pain but having so many models that just clutter makes it even more aggravating. To be honest I'm so tired of it if I have to dig I just look over the front batch and read as many of the bottom cards as I can and move on. THs in my opinion are just a waste of time even that line is getting castings that make no sense being there. So this may sound like bashing but in reality it's more concern. I hope they come to a epiphany and get on track!

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