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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Big Sale at Wheel Collectors ends March 31st. Don't miss it...

March Sale at Wheel Collectors

Just a quick drop-in to let you know that the largest of large sales at Wheel Collectors ends Match 31st.

We have been promoting these sales since the beginning of the year, and many of you have taken advantage.  Models new and old from all kinds of brands, some hard-to-find and others to fill those collecting or customizing gaps.  No matter what is listed, it most likely to be the best deal you will find on those models.

And it all comes to an end on March 31st.  So if you have been eyeing anything, now is the time.  You can find ALL the sale items here:

March Sale at Wheel Collectors

Here are a few of the models on my list, but there are over 1500 more: