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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Hot Wheels Batch J Models are here. Which shall I feature first?

The 2016 Hot Wheels Batch J models have arrived from Wheel Collectors, and I am trying to figure out what model to feature on the blog first.  (Actually I am not.  You know me, and you know what model I am most excited about, but you can try to convince me to show a different one first.  Just indulge me with the hook.)

(Find 2016 Hot Wheels Batch J at Wheel Collectors.)

In case you are wondering, yes, the cardbacks on these are removed.  It allows for ultimate shipping capacity when WC ships to me.  The packaging is going to be shredded anyway, so why waste the space?  It's about the models, man...

Anyway, there are some gems here, so let me know which (BMW) new (BMW) model (BMW) deserves (BMW) to be shown (BMW) first.  Here is one option, I think it is a BMW:


  1. Come on, you know the answer to that! So get on with it already!

  2. The BMW Batmobile. Not the icon tv car. Someone in their brilliance once named the BMW race car *Batmobile*
    The stance looks off which is weird. The car looks to be effecting the realism we prefer from our mini cars, but this

  3. in the UK we have our version of judge Judy (Judge Rinder), and one of his sayings is STOOOOOOOPID..... the answer to that does not need to be said, DOES IT ?

  4. Let's put that CSL on the catwalk, so to speak, so we can check out it's rear end, shall we (Hope it has taillight tampos)??!!

    1. Nope, the tailights & the windows are one-piece

  5. What's going on with the windshield on that CSL?...

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  7. BMW E9 CSL, for the love of God! Literally the most anticipated casting of 2016!