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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Variation Alert: 2016 Hot Wheels Porsche 993 Super Treasure Hunt with mainline wheels...

Or is it Porsche 993 Mainline with Super TH body?

Whatever it is, we have another mainline/Super TH mixup.  We saw this a couple of times last year, with the Mitsu Evo and Mustang Fastback Supers, and it has happened again.  Super bodies on mainline models.  Or mainline wheels on Super Treasure Hunts.

I guess we can call it what it is based on the card, and in the case of the Porsche 993 found by Lamley Reader Anthony Cordima at his local Target, that is a mainline card.  So Anthony found a mainline 993 with a Super body.

Call it what you want, but that is an awesome error, and as far as I know Anthony is the first to report one found.  Get those eyes peeled...


  1. A friend of mine found one as well. Guess we better start checking more thoroughly. Its a nice error!

  2. John...package looks like it has been opened at some point...would like to see a shot of the base:)

  3. Nice screw-up Mattel. This factory mistake makes it a variation. I don't need one.

  4. Hey John. On an unrelated topic, I would love to hear your opinion on the Hot Wheels' 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL. I found one today & its headlights & tailights are part of the window piece, not tampos. Looks like Mattel is heading to a new direction just like the 2005 SEMA Ford Mustang. Thank you & cheers!

  5. Have you heard or seen the Porsche super treasure hunt but on the Super TH corvette card? Is this a common error? Thanks