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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The UCC x Mercedes set is now available at Japan Booster...

We've seen the grainy pics from the promo UCC released.  Now we see the models.

Who is this crazy little promo company that puts together these fantastic models?  Sure, no interior, but they hold their own looks-wise with some of the best diecast out there.  And here in the states promo models look like the bad versions of Hot Wheels fantasy castings at McDonalds.  Ugh.

Thankfully Japan Booster is making these sets available to all.  Those that ordered theirs on the new, they are on their way.  Those who didn't, jump over to the JB eBay store now and grab one while you can:

UCC x Mercedes at Japan Booster

There is a set headed my way, and expect a full feature.  By then it might be a little harder to get one, so don't miss out...


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    1. John, please do a feature on this one w/ the HW version when you get them in hand.