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Friday, April 22, 2016

Tomica Limited Vintage meets Alfa Romeo: Of course it is perfection...

Tomica Limited Vintage Alfa Romeo at Japan Booster

I don't know if I call it an inevitable match, but I will sure call it a perfect match.

Take a carmaker known for making some of the most beautiful cars ever made, and combine them with the company that makes the most beautiful and accurate 1:64 diecast in the world.  The result is the six cars I featured in this post.  The models deserve to be stared at.  Rest assured I have been doing that.  A lot.

Alfa Romeo is new to Tomica Limited Vintage, but I am so glad it happened.  TLV has thankfully stayed focused on their Japanese roots, but when they venture out, they nail their choices.  Their choices have been mostly German, but now they've wandered into Italy.

I was excited to show the first two Alfas TLV released, but knowing there was a total of six coming, I decided to wait.  In true TLV fashion, all six are essentially the same to the casual eye, but there are three different models, the GT1300 Junior, GT1600 Junior, and 1750 GTV.

All come from the body shape designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the iconic designer who has already been represented by TLV with the Mazda Luce and Isuzu 117.  The Alfa Coupe is one of his best well known, and the silhouette and grill are probably what most folks think of when they think of Alfa Romeo.

(This is where I would show a photo of the real thing, but I don't need to.  The TLV photos will do just fine.)

Of course when you think of Alfa you also think red, which TLV has of course represented with the 1750 GTV.  But that is it.  We get green, white, silver, blue, and my favorite, the burnt orange.  Thankfully the models replicated by TLV came in several colors, unlike the Matchbox Giulia Sprint, which only came in red and white, and led to the model's early retirement after Alfa licensors demanded those be the only two colors used.

The result is six beauties.  And I would not be surprised if more show down the line.  If anything, the TLV Alfas might mean even more ventures into classics from all over.  The list of cars TLV could do is endless, so no reason to jump in.  But it could be exciting.

Tangent: This is where I will share my #1 TLV request - the first-generation Lexus IS sedan and Altezza/Sportcross Wagon.  Do it TLV!  Do it!  We need a replica of that future classic.  End of tangent.

The beauty of these models definitely shows in the photos, but there are plenty of details that don't.  Only in hand can you see them, like the wood steering wheel.  TLV's signature combination of unique model choices and near perfect execution is wonderfully on display with these six.

I see these being favorites of many a TLV collector, even though they are not Japanese.  The Alfa's design is as beautiful as any, and GT cars like these will always be popular.  I would grab what you want now.  It will be a good choice:

Tomica Limited Vintage Alfa Romeo at Japan Booster


  1. Awesome. Just awesome. Indeed not much to say to such a perfection.
    I got all 6 colors, i think my favorite is the first one : in blue.
    TLV goes Italian again in September, with the amazing upcoming Lancia Delta HF Integrale <3

  2. I was quite surprised when Tomica announced these and even more so when they hit the ground running with 6 versions one after the other. Being both a big TLV fan and an even bigger Alfa fan, I knew this would become my favorite TLV to date and it did not disappoint. My favorite is the red, since it's the color most associated with the car. But the blue one is really stunning too.

  3. I own a 1:1 '66 GTV - these are the best 1/64 models out there, and they come in a great little picture box.

  4. I really enjoy your TLV posts. I don't get to see them much here in North America and they rarely show up on blogs or social media so posts like this are always great!

  5. Yes, I know it says VIntage on the box... but I would love to see their grandchildren 8C (and Spider), 4C (and Spider), and TZ3 Stradale given the TLV treatment.

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