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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

As is the Custom: Yeah, it's back, and these are my favorites for the week of May 23rd, 2016...

Remember this?

Of course you do.  Well if you have followed the blog for awhile you do.  As is the Custom was one of Lamley's most popular features over its first few years.  I loved showing customs that caught my attention, and it seemed you guys did to.

Back then, it was a weekend feature.  I would peruse all kinds of sites, and copy and paste those that I wanted to share.  But as the blog grew, and my life continued to be as hectic as ever, As is became harder and harder to do.  I remember some nights falling asleep with my laptop on the couch and a half-prepared As is on the screen.  I tried different methods to ease the burden, like bringing in some very good dudes to help, starting a new Lamley Customs blog, and then moving it to a Lamley Customs IG page.  Ultimately, it still took too much time and I couldn't keep up.

But As is the Custom remains the most requested feature we have ever done, and I still get asked about it all the time.  I just didn't know how I could do it.

Until now.

Instagram has made it easy.  I discovered the embedding tool a few weeks ago, and now I can embed Instagram images directly on the blog.  Not only do the images show who did the custom, but also allows you to follow them and like their images directly.  It is like it was built for As is.  This makes it a TON easier to do and shaves a lot of time off the process.

But this also means the only way to be featured on As is the Custom is to post your customs on Instagram. I can't take email submissions anymore, but I think things are easier now.

Here is all you do.  Join Instagram if you haven't already, and post your custom pics there using the hashtag #lamleycustoms or #asisthecustom.  If you do, I will see your custom.  It doesn't matter how many followers you have, or how many likes your custom gets.  If you use those tags, I see your custom and will consider it.  I do peruse other tags as well, but those two will guarantee I see them.

The diecast custom community on Instagram is thriving, and I hope many more folks join.  And if you know an artist who isn't on yet, encourage them to join.

So As is the Custom is back.  It will most likely appear during the week, but I have no set day.  So I hope you are happy to see it back.  I surely am.  It is like the return of an old friend...

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  1. I'm gonna pay good money for that Huayra BC, and even more to see it in the Mainline.

  2. I still can't get over how cool hw_rexone's Monkey quad is! Greg (gh_customs) killed it with Blackjack. I love the gold leaf lettering.

  3. That Huayra BC is absolutely stunning! If Hot Wheels do a Huayra BC, this is how it would (and should) look. Hot Wheels, are you watching this? This one needs to be done.

  4. Great news....welcome back AITC....better than ever......Thanks.

  5. Help! For some reason none of the images that you post from Instagram show up on my computer, either in my gmail or directly from your site. Other images you post always come through fine. I use Firefox as my browser but have no clue why they're not showing up. Any ideas? Thanks! Mike