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Friday, May 27, 2016

Jesse Pinkman's Monte Carlo highlights the latest Hollywood Series from Greenlight...

Greenlight at Wheel Collectors
Yeah, I am sure a few of you will get behind the junked Family Truckster, and I don't blame you, especially with those awesome wheels.  Or others might be excited to see the Walking Dead models.  I don't blame you either.

But I can't pay any attention to those with Jesse Pinkman's killer Monte Carlo in the batch.  One of my absolute FAVORITE scenes from Breaking Bad involved the Monte Carlo.  Think hydraulics, bullet shells, and the desert.

Wheel Collectors got the latest batch from Greenlight, and it includes the latest Hollywood Series and two Hobby exclusives.  There is a lot to like, but nothing more than the Monte Carlo.  Of course it just whets the appetite for Jesse's Tercel Wagon, Walt's Aztek, and the Skyler's Wagoneer, but in time.  For now, let's bounce our way to Jesse's first car.

All are available now at Wheel Collectors:

Greenlight at Wheel Collectors

Science, bitch.

Even the Green Machine is great: